Core level 1

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Beauty core level 1

  • M Professional standards + customer journey video 
  • M1 Perform a salon quality  deluxe pedicure & adapt to suit your clients’ needs worth (£295)
  •  M2 Perform a salon quality manicure & educate your client worth (£295)
  • M3 Perform a salon quality natural spray tan & full aftercare worth (£199)
  • M4 Perform a full  effective waxing service & educate your client on the benefits worth (£495)
  • M5 Perform a salon quality gel polish and the tips for longevity worth (£199)
  • M6 Perform a salon quality full body massage & the benefits for wellness worth (£495)
  • M7 Perform an eye combination of the three essential of tinting and brow perfecting worth (£395)
  • M8 Analyse  and cleanse your clients skin with a deluxe facial worth (£395)
  • M9 Perform a hot oil Indian head massage worth (£199)
  • M10 Deliver a bespoke definition brow  & design treatment personal to your clients look worth (£495)

Beauty core level 2

  • M Professional standards + customer care video
  • M1 Perform an effective lash lift & client benefit’s worth (£495)
  • M2 Perform a salon quality hot stones treatment & mindfulness worth (£295)
  • M3 Perform a full gel extension with a perfect finish to suit your clients desires worth (£495)
  • M4 Perform an acrylic nail treatment to a perfect finish to suit your clients desires worth (£495)
  • M5 Perform a fast effective intimate was service while making your client feel comfortable worth (£299)
  • M6 Deliver a bespoke henna  brow  & design treatment personal to your clients look worth (£495)
  • M7 Perform how to deliver a full body exfoliation treatment with  natural stones worth (£295)
  • M8 Level 3  A&P             
  • M9 social media marketing bundle

Discover Your Beauty Personality Colour
Are You a Red, Yellow, Green or Blue

As a beauty professional, understanding your colour code can provide valuable insights into your working style and how you interact with colleagues and clients.