The beauty of CBT Programme is that it can be done entirely in your own time and fit within your schedule. Obviously the more time you are able to commit to the program, the quicker you will be able to get your beauty skill off the ground but everyone has different schedules.

Also, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the online modules so you can come back to them time and time again.

If you are wanting to become a certified beauty therapist and receive a certification for your skills then YES you will need to complete the assessment. This involves a written assessment and practice sessions. It isn’t something to worry about as you will have lots of support through the program to help you feel confident with the process. You will also complete a separate assessment to certify you as a qualifies beauty therapist.

Whilst a big part of the program is to keep you accountable and minimise procrastination, we totally understand that life sometimes gets in the way. You get lifetime access to the materials meaning you can go along with everything at your own pace. There is no deadline for completion of your assessment.

We believe the best way to build your confidence as a Beauty Therapist is to practice on your clients so we want to get you working with paid for clients as soon as possible. As you are training to develop and still developing your skills, you may decide to offer training sessions and discounted prices/one off sessions to your clients ( discounted  training forms to be completed for each client). This is something we can help you put together. Many of our clients feel confident to offer this one month into the treatment training. It’s entirely up to you and what you feel ready for!

Pricing is largely about your confidence and energy around money, which is why we cover a lot of money mindset work during the course. You will also need to consider the treatment cost, business costs and your time. Are you a one man band or working for a company?

It is also about your confidence in your new skills, which is why our training is designed to help you feel confident in the results you provide. Our aim is to help you become a high end professional.

YES! One of the most important parts of your  journey is practising your  skills! We have a private training group on Facebook with over 1k members who are willing to be models, you can also reach out to family and friends or even other work colleagues. We also have templated you can use to promote in your own local areas requesting models for training so your clients are aware this is for skill development.

YES! Whilst Carla is based in the UK, we are an international company and our Training certification is internationally recognised! Our clients and students join us from all over the world.

YES! When you have completed your assessment you will receive a certificate to certify you as a Certified Beauty therapist in completed modules. This certificate is accredited by the CPD. You will also receive a separate certificate to certify you as A Confident Beauty Therapist.

YES! You will get access to our live coaching/training sessions per week. coach training/ treatment demonstrations support. There is plenty of opportunity for you to get personal support via the live coaching calls and the Facebook group.

As we are passionate about consistency and time management it will be held at 12pm every Tuesday. All of the calls are recorded too so you can listen back to them in your own time.

Once payment has been made you will be sent over your welcome materials and week one content plus access to the Facebook group and details for the live coaching sessions.

The program contains over 500 hours’ worth of materials which you can move through at your own pace. You also get LIFETIME ACCESS to the coaching modules meaning you can come back to them as often as you need to.

Whilst we are SURE you will LOVE our training programme, if you join and feel it is not the right fit for you, then simply let us know within fourteen days of joining and we will gladly refund you the full amount.

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