The Benefits of Learning from Gender Zed and Reigniting the Salon Industry

Blog Introduction: The salon industry has changed greatly since its inception. Over the decades, it has shifted with new trends and technologies brought in by generation after generation of passionate beauty therapists. One of the latest trends is the Gender zed culture, a group of people striving for gender equality. Yes, this group has something to teach us, but they can also learn a lot from us millenniums in the salon industry. In this post, we shall discuss how each group can learn from the other and how we can ensure that the beauty industry stays vibrant and keeps making every client who comes to the salon feel more confident.

As millenniums, we grew up in a time with technology advancements, which have been a game-changer in how we interact with clients from online marketing approaches, booking systems, and different ways of communication. As an industry, we have benefited from new trends brought by millennials, which include eco-friendliness, natural and cruelty-free products. Gender zed people can learn a lot from the salon industry in terms of excellent customer service skills through our passion, patience, positivity, and personality. These traits have helped us retain our clients and continue to attract new ones without having to rely heavily on technology.

On the other hand, gender zed people can teach us a lot about how to create an inclusive and welcoming environment. They will help us navigate through the challenging topics of diversity, inclusion, and equity. They can teach us how to create gender-neutral spaces, especially in our bathrooms and dressing areas, which can accommodate and be comfortable for people of diverse gender identities. While we have had no ill intent, terms like “ladies” or “gentlemen” can make some clients feel uncomfortable, so using gender-neutral language by addressing every client as they while talking to them is an essential learning process.

People who identify as gender zed also challenge the beauty industry’s beauty standards. They assure us that beauty standards placed upon us do not matter, and everyone should be free to express themselves in ways that make them feel happy without any judgment. As millennial beauty therapists, we aim to focus on the client’s individual needs and preferences, and we encourage their uniqueness. We can learn from them how to accentuate natural beauty through our techniques and innovation that can make everyone feel confident and beautiful regardless of their race, gender, or sexual orientation preferences.

Gender zed people advocate for changing the narrative on how we view and talk about beauty in society. We often look to traditional beauty standards to judge each other by, which causes anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression in clients. Gender zed people spreading the message of self-love, encouraging our clients to love themselves as they are before seeking our services. It is a learning experience to us beauty therapists on how to create a positive and nurturing space rather than judging a client’s body or telling them how they should look or feel. The evolving times have brought two generations with something to learn from each other. As beauty therapists, we should strive to be curious, empathetic, and open-minded when it comes to learning from each other. Our industry will flourish when we create inclusive environments that allow all clients to feel beautiful, appreciated, and heard. We can learn so much from gender zed, and they can learn from us as well. As we continue to gain more knowledge from our clients and each other, we will continuously elevate the beauty industry to new heights

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