Why Training Our Team in Emotional Intelligence with an External Coach has been a Game Changer in our Beauty Salon

In any job, technical skills such as makeup application, hair styling, skincare, and nail art are essential to create a vibrant and successful beauty salon. However, at times, many beauty therapists forget that they are not only offering services to their clients; they are also selling the experience. Having a well-trained team with excellent communication and emotional intelligence (EI) skills brings a long-lasting impact on clients. In this blog post, I’ll share insights and experiences of why training our team in emotional intelligence with an external coach has been a game-changer and how it has helped us exceed our clients’ expectations.

Mindful Communication:

An external coach taught us how to communicate effectively and be mindful of our language, tone, and body language. By analysing video recordings of our interactions with clients, we identified our communication gaps and learned to address them using non-judgmental language. Now our team understands the importance of active listening, asking open-ended questions, and offering solutions to clients in a friendly and positive tone.

Building Trust:

A beauty salon is a place of comfort and relaxation where clients come to unwind and rejuvenate. An external trainer helped us understand the importance of building trust by being empathetic and guiding our clients through the process. Not only does this create a positive experience, but it also fosters client loyalty.

Conflict Resolution:

No business is free of conflicts. At times, our clients expect us to meet impossible expectations or deliver services beyond our expertise. However, training our team on conflict resolution has helped us handle complaints with great efficiency and to the client’s satisfaction. We learned to be patient, non-confrontational, and to prioritize finding solutions rather than defending our stance.

Promoting Teamwork:

Teamwork is the core of any successful business. We realized that for the team to be efficient, the coach taught us emotional intelligence tools that promote teamwork, including team-building exercises, trust-building activities, and team feedback sessions. Our Team now works as a unit, helping each other out, and ensuring each client receives the best possible experience.

Personal Growth:

Lastly, a beauty therapist’s role is incredibly challenging and demanding, often leading to emotional burnout. We realized that to ensure the team is energized and efficient, investing in our therapist’s personal growth and development is essential. The external coach taught us how to prioritize self-care, mindfulness exercises, and, most importantly, how to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In conclusion, emotional intelligence training with an external coach has completely transformed the way we run our Beauty Salon. The knowledge we gained has helped us foster an environment of trust, efficiency and create a positive experience for our clients. Our team’s ability to handle conflicts, promote teamwork, and prioritize self-care has directly contributed to our success in the beauty industry. We highly recommend investing in the emotional intelligence of your team to foster growth and success in your business.

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